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Progressive Jackpot Slots

For all players of both land-based and online slots, the thrill of the big win is at the very core of the magnetic appeal of these phenomenally popular casino games! Whilst the funky graphics and sound, or specific theme of a slot game might initially turn your head, if the headline jackpot of its paytable was pants we doubt you’d spend much time or money on it. The promise of ‘winning big’ drives all our wildest slot fantasies and a particular type of slot game is very much the dream machine many players seek out . . . the Progressive Jackpot Slot.

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Online Slot Tournaments

Playing online slots is a pretty straightforward affair and, although there are hundreds to slots to choose from, the main aim is always the same – to get a winning combination of symbols onto a designated payline triggering the payment of an advertised win that’s a multiple of your original stake. You play ‘against the house’, rather than looking to beat other slot players and win their stakes as you do in games like poker. Unless of course you get involved with an Online Slot Tournament.

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Online Slot Types

With hundreds of online slots vying for your attention at the best online casinos it can sometimes feel that choice is suddenly not such a good thing! However, bringing some order to this potential chaos is possible if you recognize that, amongst that seemingly bewildering choice, online slots tend to fall into a number of smaller categories, and you can whittle down your choices to categories that you prefer. What’s your favourite Online Slot Type?

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Vegas Slots

Amongst the categories of online slots often used to group specific styles of slot game together at online casinos you can sometimes find games classed as Vegas Slots. But what exactly constitutes a Vegas Slot and are they any ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than, say, a video or themed slot?

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Slot Payout Percentages

Should mention of percentages and RTP bring you out in a cold sweat and bring about unwelcome flashbacks to impenetrable maths lessons in your teens, then don’t panic – this article is just about the simple stuff that’s worth knowing when it comes to payout percentages and online slots.

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Slot Variance

Deep in the heart of the gameplay is the concept of slot variance (sometimes used interchangeably with the term slot volatility) that is fundamental to how a slot machine ‘feels’ to play.

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Playing Online Slots for Beginners

The phenomenal choice of online slots offered by the best online casinos is probably a good indicator that (a) online slots are very popular with the majority of casino customers and (b) online slot players have a very broad set of tastes when it comes to what makes the ‘perfect’ slot! So if you’re new to this game where do you start? Read our playing online slots for beginners guide.

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Online Slot Machine Games

Perhaps it may seem like a basic question to ask, but we don’t ignore the possibility that for new players faced with the hundreds of choices of ‘slots’ offered at the best online casinos, it might not be 100% clear what constitutes an online slot machine game. And is an online slot different from the slots in a land-based casino?

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Online Video Slots

Seemingly in an effort to sort the wider universe of slot games into more manageable categories, you’ll often find terms like ‘progressive jackpot’, ‘themed slot’ and ‘Vegas slot’ bandied about, but you may also have seen games grouped as ‘video slots’ and wondered ‘what makes them so special?’

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Mac Casinos – Slot Sites for Apple Mac

Apple Mac computers have had a problem in the past with allowing online casinos to download their software. This was due in part to the very high standards of security an Apple OS X computer provides. This is no longer a problem as most online casinos now play directly in your browser so you don’t need to download any software.

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Are online casinos safe and fair? Can I trust an online casino?

Is depositing safe and is my personal data safe? Are online slots fair? I trust the online casino and think the slots are fair but I’m not sure I trust myself?

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Online Slot Tips

Our top online slot tips and tricks plus some general guidance on playing online slots.

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High Limit Slots for High Rollers

Just like playing in a casino in Las Vegas online slot sites also provide entertainment for the High Roller. Online slot sites have high limit slots available to anyone who can afford to play them. High limit slots start at £500 per spin and go all the way up to £5,000 per spin!

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Online Pokies

Pokies have come a long way since you used to play them in your local pub. That old poker machine has now been brought up to date in this modern world and now the online pokie rules! New online pokies now have 5 reels and use video-game technology to present the reels virtually.

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Real Money Slots

Playing real money slots is easy and brings a little edge to the game play. At any moment you could trigger a free spins session by hitting a scatter bonus round or even hit the big one and win the jackpot on a huge progressive slot!

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Marvel Slots

Marvel slots represent some of the best online slots currently available in terms of features and production values, not to mention the progressive power they pack too.

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NetEnt Rocks Slot Series

To celebrate 20 years of online slot innovation NetEnt has released its NetEnt Rocks slot series.

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