Playing Online Slots for Beginners

Slots for Beginners

The phenomenal choice of online slots offered by the best online casinos is probably a good indicator that (a) online slots are very popular with the majority of casino customers and (b) online slot players have a very broad set of tastes when it comes to what makes the ‘perfect’ slot! So if you’re new to this game where do you start?

Well the good news is that despite the seemingly bewildering choice of online slots that confront you at even the most conservative online casino, the underlying rules of play are pretty much the same from game to game.

The main aim of all slots (sometimes referred to a the ‘basegame’) is that the player is looking to spin a set of reels adorned with a set of symbols in the hope that, when they come to a stop, certain specified combinations appear along a specified route across the reels, known as a payline.

Such an event triggers a payout that multiplies the players original stake by a specified amount advertised in the game’s ‘paytable’. What could be simpler? Online slots are games of pure luck, so even the novice has as much chance of landing a jackpot as a seasoned slot player which makes them a very democratic choice!

The basic gameplay of online slots is spiced up considerably by the options that come into play to suit the varied tastes of the general gaming public. The common primary choices are the number of reels and paylines the game offers.

Early land-based slots, confined by limitations imposed by their mechanical nature, only had three reels and one payline, but the advent of video slots in the 80s and now online slots in the Internet age has made things a whole lot more interesting. Five reels is the most common configuration for a typical online slot, with staggering numbers of paylines possible.

Basegames of online slots have also benefited from the imaginative freedom being ‘virtual machines’ has given developers to create audio-visual fireworks unimaginable with earlier mechanical machines. Symbols now animate, reels expand, and all sorts of additional eye candy is invoked on spins to make each game a little entertainment show in its own right.

The explosion in interest in online slots has also driven developers to be ever more inventive with the themes and bonus features used to add extra depth to the core basegame. This is often where a player will find the little extra magic that keeps them returning to a particular game.

For instance Playtech have won great acclaim from players and the industry alike for their series of Marvel Slots, which marry visuals directly inspired by the stable of Marvel’s superheroes with appropriately themed bonus games, invoking the unique talents of a character to deliver a winning event for the player.

The online slot has probably inspired the greatest innovations in Internet gaming entertainment in recent years, so for players particularly interested in routinely finding ‘new’ and ‘exclusive’ games to play at the best online casinos, setting your sights on these reel entertainers has got to be a good bet.

The basics

Once you’ve chosen the online slot site and have selected an online slot to play how do you actually play an online slot:

1. Click on the slot to open the slot game, wait for it to load and for the intro to play.
2. Look at the paytable to get an idea of which paylines are being used and what and how scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins and bonus games are triggered. A paytable can be viewed by clicking the ‘Paytable’ or ‘Info’ button that all online slots have.
3. The amount of each bet a spin costs is the number of coins you bet per payline multiplied by the number of paylines. This is called the stake and can range from as little as 2p up to £2,000 a spin.
4. Click ‘Spin’ and enjoy the game!

Turbo – Clicking turbo speeds up the spinning reels.

Auto Play – You can select to play up to 99 spins automatically.

Bet Max – Selects the maximum paylines and line bet (coins).

Play Online Slots for Beginners

Slot Summary Review Claim Bonus
  • Microgaming Software
  • Huge Progressive Jackpot
  • The Millionaire Maker
  • 5 Reels & 25 Pay-Lines
  • Playtech Software
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Huge Payouts
  • 5 Reels & 50 Pay-Lines
  • NetEnt Software
  • Avalanche Multipliers
  • Free Fall Bonus
  • 5 Reels & 20 Pay-Lines
  • Playtech Software
  • Big Progressive Jackpot
  • Gladiator Bonus Scatter
  • 5 Reels & 20 Pay-Lines