Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot Slots
For all players of both land-based and online slots, the thrill of the big win is at the very core of the magnetic appeal of these phenomenally popular casino games! Whilst the funky graphics and sound, or specific theme of a slot game might initially turn your head, if the headline jackpot of its paytable was pants we doubt you’d spend much time or money on it.

The promise of ‘winning big’ drives all our wildest slot fantasies and a particular type of slot game is very much the dream machine many players seek out . . . the progressive jackpot slot.

With a clue in its title, the progressive jackpot slot differs from ‘standard’ slot games in that its headline jackpot is a dynamic rather than fixed sum. Starting from a specific threshold the progressive jackpot is grown by a percentage of each wager on the game being added to that figure until it is won.

With lots of wagering, that jackpot can escalate at an extraordinary rate to hit truly life-changing sums by the time it is won.

The origin of modern online progressive jackpot slots lies in the early land-based games that began to harness computer technology in the 1980s. With that tech letting machines be linked in large ‘networks’, the potential for multiple machines to feed a single progressive jackpot lead to the legendary slot maker IGT unleashing the first game that offered a progressive jackpot starting from one million dollars!

The extraordinary networks of linked slots made possible by the mother of all networks, the Internet, mean the modern online progressive jackpot slot can be fuelled by tens of thousands of players around the world every minute of every day.

As a result the most popular progressive jackpot games such as Beach Life, Jackpot Giant and Mega Fortune slot routinely make multi-millionaires of the luckiest players. Just for example, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune dropped a staggering €17.8 million into the pocket of one winner in 2013.

For good reason, hitting the headline prize of a prime progressive jackpot slot won’t come easy. To afford such large jackpots the probability of landing it becomes correspondingly high, but such slots have other payouts possible from their paytables so the experience of playing them isn’t lesser than non-progressive games. It’s also worth taking time to check a progressive jackpot slots rules if you’re gunning for the biggest prize as you may need to play the slot to a certain minimum wager to ensure the progressive jackpot is within your grasp.

For instance, the progressive jackpot for Playtech’s Beach Life is yours when its five Wilds land on the twentieth payline so you must have all this online slot’s paylines in play during a spin for this to be a possibility.

Finally, with such extraordinary fortunes to be won, the popularity of progressive jackpot slots is to be expected, and that popularity also creates a very pleasing side effect – a chain reaction that means all that wagering grows jackpots quickly after a win resets it to the base figure, and as it grows more players flock to wager on it, building that pot ever faster. That is quite something to see, and hard to resist joining in with too!

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Slot Summary Review Claim Bonus
  • Microgaming Software
  • Huge Progressive Jackpot
  • The Millionaire Maker
  • 5 Reels & 25 Pay-Lines
  • Playtech Software
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Awesome Gameplay
  • 5 Reels & 20 Paylines
  • IGT Software
  • Life-Changing Wins
  • MegaJackpots Progressive
  • 5 Reels & 20 Pay-Lines
  • Playtech Software
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Huge Payouts
  • 5 Reels & 50 Pay-Lines
  • Playtech Software
  • Big Progressive Jackpot
  • Gladiator Bonus Scatter
  • 5 Reels & 20 Pay-Lines