Mobile Casinos – Mobile Slot Sites

With smart phones, tablets and fast internet, you can carry a casino in your pocket and play slots anywhere.

Mobile casinos have been around since the days of WAP enabled mobiles back in the early 2000s. However, it wasn’t until the launch of modern smart phones such as the iPhone and Galaxy along with the introduction of 3G that mobile casinos have really come into their own.

Mobile Casinos offer an amazing array of casino games on your mobile device but it is mobile slots that really shine. Whether you play via a casino app or play via your favourite browser mobile slots provide a very visually stunning and safe gaming experience.

All the online casinos reviewed here have a mobile version that will work on any smart phone. All of these mobile slot sites have a licence from the British Gambling Commission ensuring that every mobile slot you play has been tested for fairness and that payments are secure. Having a licence also ensures that the mobile slot site adheres to a high level of customer service.

In our opinion the best way to play at a mobile casino is to download the casinos app. Using an app gives you the ability to save your username and set up the mobile casino to your own settings. These mobile slot apps are easy to download and set up and provide a trusted and safe environment to play.

For iPhone casinos and iPad casinos you can download the app directly from the mobile casino using a browser or go to the App Store. Apple App Store allows mobile casinos to accept real money if they have the appropriate licence.

For Android casinos there is a minor issue in that Google Play does not allow real money transactions to be carried out on gambling apps, this is due to online gambling legality being a grey area in the USA. As mentioned earlier all the online casinos reviewed here do have a licence from the British Gambling Commission so it is perfectly legal to gamble in the UK.

For Android mobile casinos you have to download the mobile casino app from the mobile casino web page or play directly in your browser.

For Windows phone casinos and Blackberry casinos you can play directly in your preferred browser.

To ensure you receive the best experience whilst playing mobile casinos via a browser, we recommend using the default browsers on your device, i.e. Browser/Internet/Chrome apps on Android, Safari on iPad/iPhone and Internet Explorer on Windows Phone. Mobile casinos are available to play now on iPad and iPhone, and also on Android devices, Windows phones and tablets.