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Rival Gaming is a casino games software company that first launched into this competitive industry in 2006. It’s established itself as a content provider for all genres of casino game, and has made a significant foothold with online casinos operators serving the Americas.

Rival games are less often spotted at the operators who’ve traditionally served the UK and wider European customers, but that’s not to say that its games don’t compete with the likes of NetEnt and Playtech’s offerings. As the online casino market continues to evolve, we fully expect companies such as Rival to build on their current positions and players to find its games more widely available.

Read Rival Gaming’s mission statement, and it states its philosophy as simply to ‘build games people love to play’. Whilst that’s a pretty obvious thing to say – why would a company build games no one likes to play? – Rival certainly does make some very nice casino games, with an emphasis on online slots that deliver the kind of experience that wins players over. Of specific interest to any keen slot player looking for innovation, Rival offers a series of story-based slot machines it classes as its i-Slots.

Rivals’ i-Slots are designed to lead players though a story line while they spin the reels of a slot in the traditional way. The intention is for the game to include a soap-opera style narrative filled with ‘intricate plots of love, lies and deceit’, manifested through changes in the i-Slots graphics and reels to create a more interactive experience than classic casino machines. Whatever the theory, the i-Slots have proved highly popular with players who’ve sampled them, and are well worth seeking out. A great example of the genre is the As The Reels Turns slot that appears as three ‘episodes’, mirroring the soap-opera influence claimed for i-Slots.

For a time Rival’s major weakness was in mobile casino gaming, many of its products relying on Flash rather than the HTML5 standard that has driven the mobile market. Thankfully this is changing, and the company now offers an expanding range of very capable mobile slots and table games to keep players entertained on smartphones and tablets.

Rival may not currently have the same perceived prestige as companies such as Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt enjoy, but it produces some very fine video poker, table games and online slots worthy of anyone’s time and wagering. We can only imagine it will go from strength to strength, and we strongly recommend looking out for its games next time you’re looking for something new to try.

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