Beach Life Slot

Setting out to review Beach Life slot on a miserable November day – the first fall of snow still settled on the cars parked outside – is initially a bittersweet experience.

Its bright, day-glo presentation, and imagery conjuring up memories of lazy summer days on sun-drenched beaches is both soothing and frustrating in equal measure.

So the summertime vibe of this online slot certainly sets the tone to make us feel hot under the collar in more ways than one, but does it have the reel entertainment to make us forget our winter blues when we hit the Beach?

As mentioned above, Beach Life liberally lays on the summery style on its twenty-paylines like factor twenty sun lotion on a pasty child.

It’s all sun, sand and . . . surf symbols on the five reels complemented with cooling ice creams for the smaller treats on this online slot’s paytable.

For those who like to dive for pearls of bonus cash, Beach Life slot also has a Treasure Chest Scatter, which can trigger an underwater mission to explore six sea-bed caskets containing hidden rewards to multiply your wagers into whopping wins.

But perhaps the biggest draw for all the players who race to get to the Beach everyday at the best online casinos, is to see the Sun light up its paylines.

The Sun symbol is literally Beach Life’s hottest attraction, since its sunny disposition makes it not only the highest paying symbol on the paytable (of which more shortly) but it also functions as this video slot’s Wild symbol.

That Wild quality allows the Sun to substitute for all symbols, except the Scatter and Bonus symbols, to transform an unpromising spin into a heatwave of wins wherever possible.

However where all players are hoping to catch the Sun – well, five instances of the Sun to be exact – is side by side on one of Beach Life’s active paylines.

This is the trigger event to Beach Life slot’s biggest payouts, lighting up a linebet with a payout of two thousand times that stake! And if that doesn’t seem hot enough for you, just keep your fingers crossed that you’re a lucky player that sees five Sun symbols set on the twentieth payline at the end of spin – that will set your world on fire, as it’s the trigger for Beach Life to payout its stunning progressive jackpot!

Beach Life slot has earned quite a reputation for the size of progressive jackpots it’s delivered from its £100,000 baseline, and so continues to attract players in such volumes that the top prize escalates at a staggering rate.

Make no mistake, winning any progressive jackpot isn’t an everyday event, but if you spend a lot of time on the Beach and luck is shining down on you, the money this slot can drop can burn a hole in the pockets of all the trousers in a very large trouser factory.

Beach Life is actually a pretty uncomplicated video slot, but that, together with its progressive jackpot’s promise of life-changing largesse, has obviously worked in its favour as this remains a hot destination for many online players. Its sunny charms certainly cheered us up on this review, so we think a little Beach Life could well put a simile on your face too.

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