Birdz Slot

Birdz Slot

Games Warehouse is one of the smaller slot developers with games at the best online casinos, but we’ve often found that it’s the less dominant companies that show the greatest innovation. Its Birdz slot is no exception to that rule and we’ll state, straight off the bat, it’s one of the most interesting and fun slot games we’ve reviewed for a while.

From the moment you clap eyes on it, Birdz slot looks terrific creating its five ‘reels’ by a flock of fifteen birds settling in as groups of five on three electric transmission lines strung between two pylons. The animation is superb and gets you smiling before you even get into some wagering – a very promising start.

Birdz then keeps high-flying when you find it plays as a ‘cascade slot’ in a way that made Da Vinci Diamonds and Gonzo’s Quest so compelling.

Basically, should a winning combination flock to one or more of the thirty paylines that are mapped between the on-screen pylons, those birds expire, floating heavenwards with little halos in place, with any birds above descending to take their place, and new birds flying in to fill any resulting spaces on the wires. This is a joy to watch, aside from the wins it signals, and can set up chain reactions of wins too.

Adding to the buzz of Birdz slot, you’ll find that every spin, cascade or bonus that results in a win also increases a bonus trail that sits by the left-hand pylon. At the moment no further wins are triggered, the currently lit bonus feature on the trail is played, followed by those beneath it until all have been used.

We can’t easily express how cool this is, since each step in the bonus trail triggers a darkly amusing event that sees one or more of our feathered friends scared away, electrocuted, zapped by lightning or cruelly blasted by a shotgun to initiate a new cascade and potentially more wins.

One final feature to mentions is the Bird Blitz that sees the instance of a Wild egg on the wires initiate the equivalent of a free spins round, where the action continues up until a winning combination finally flaps into view.

Looking at the paytable, you might feel the size of wins is birdseed, with the maximum award being 20x your linebet, but the wins here seem to come thick and fast so for low volatility fun, Birdz will be hard to beat.

Frankly Games Warehouse deserves maximum kudos for its Birdz slot. It’s fun, it’s funny and the frequency of its features and related wins had us well and truly hooked. Friends of nature might be a bit squeamish about the regularity with which our little feathered friends go to their maker in this game, but if you already love the madness of social games like Angry Birds we doubt you’ll balk at the birdies here who sacrifice themselves for your entertainment! A top flight slot that we highly recommend you have a flutter on.

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Birdz Slot
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