Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

Certain slots can be regarded as true classics of casino culture, proving to have had an enduring appeal for players at both land-based and online casinos alike.

Although time and technology have created hundreds of new games for online slot players to enjoy with presentation and features far beyond what was possible with the more primitive tech available to slot developers in the 20th Century, Da Vinci Diamonds is a venerable slot that hasn’t lost its sparkle in the face of such stiff competition from all the new kids on the block.

Key to the fascination of Da Vinci Diamonds slot is the way it innovated with its Tumbling Reels feature, to create a an intriguing way to find wins piling up from its twenty paylines. On first acquaintance this slot seems to present a fairly standard set of 5×3 reels adorned with jewel-like symbols and famous portraits painted by the legendary Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci, himself.

However ‘spins’ are somewhat different to the usual experience of rotating reels, with symbols cascading into position from the top of the slot window. All this is rather lovely to view, but what happens when a winning combination is achieved on a payline really makes Da Vinci Diamonds shine.

With a win banked, the contributing symbols disappear causing a free fall of the symbols above to fill the void and, with it, potentially triggering another win. This intriguing mechanism sets up the potential for chain reactions that can see a sequence of several wins play out from a single spin. This is not only beautiful to watch but also literally rewarding as the related winnings from those sequences pile up.

Assisting Da Vinci slot players to turn a tumble of symbols into wins tumbling from the paytable is a Wild symbol, and also a Bonus symbol that can trigger a cascade of free spins should three line up on a payline. The free spins feature commences with six free spins, however during this bonus game the Bonus symbol takes on the qualities of a Scatter (i.e. it only needs to be in view to be counted) and three or more in view will add more free spins to play.

Whilst the headline figure of 300 free spins will be hard to achieve, extended runs beyond the initial six free spins are not uncommon and can really shuffle some big wins into your account.

By modern standards Da Vinci Diamonds is a pretty simple online slot, with graphics and animations that are now looking a little quaint. Yet just a short session on these famous Tumbling Reels soon casts a spell that makes its continued popularity with players easy to understand.

Some modern online slots – notably Gonzo’s Quest – have ‘borrowed’ the Tumbling Reels idea to great effect, but Da Vinci Diamonds still commands respect and shows the same extraordinary qualities of resilience and desirability that are true of real diamonds. A reel gem, if you’ll excuse the pun.

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DaVinci Diamonds Slot
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3x5 Tumbling Reels

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