Gold Rally Slot

Gold Rally Slot

Way back all casino slots were mechanical three reel affairs, and in the modern multi-payline, five reel universe of online slots it can sometimes be easy to overlook the simple pleasures such old-skool casino machines could bring.

Thankfully Playtech share our joy in a good three-reeler since Gold Rally is its modern take on this classic casino slot format. So is Gold Rally just a bit of retro fun or is there reason to rally round this video slot when you’re looking to mine serious gold in the best online casinos?

First, it you truly love casino slots we think you’ll love the presentation of Gold Rally, with its nod to early video slot cabinet designs and trio of manic cartoon miners seeking their fortune setting the tone. But don’t let this simple layout and comic theme fool you into thinking Gold Rally’s not for serious slot sessions.

Whilst there seems to be just three reels in play a quick spin soon makes clear that Playtech have dug deep to mine some modern magic from the format – each symbol position is in fact a reel in its own right so the gold rush is that there are effectively nine reels in play per spin, with eight easy-to understand lines across them.

In common with many three-reel casino slots of yore, Gold Rally doesn’t have any Wild Symbols on its reels, but there is a Scatter in play (the Scales) and these are where the game’s serious gold prospecting is to be found – there is a dynamite prospective jackpot ready to explode if luck lays nine Scales in your lap.

If you are in any doubt as to how popular such a relatively simple slot Gold Rally is with players just take a peep at the jackpot it currently offers (during our review it stood at over £2.5 million) and how quickly it’s climbing!

The other special symbol you’ll want to watch for on Gold Rally slot is its sticks of Dynamite ready to blow the bonus round into view should four instances lock into position on the four corners of the basegame’s 3×3 grid.

This second-screen bonus feature revolves around a scrappy map of the mine with various locations marked for exploration. Lucky players can now instruct the manic miners to get busy with their pickaxes to chip nuggets of bonus cash for them, with the prospect of multiple attempts to mine the most from this bonus game.

Gold Rally is one of those online slot games that seems pretty basic in comparison to the latest cutting edge releases in this category that are dripping with bonus features, elaborate animations and multi-layered sonic cues. However that simplicity is oddly refreshing, and Gold Rally has a few quirks that make it a distinctive gaming experience.

Naturally, like pretty much every warm-blooded slot jockey, we can’t ignore the simply whopping progressive jackpot that can be mined from this machine, so if you’re particularly driven to play online slots in pursuit of riches beyond your wildest dreams you’d be as mad as Gold Rally’s loopy-looking miners to miss out on the chance to spin these retro-yet-techno reels.

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