Reel King Slot

Reel King Slot

Reel King is another online slot that has acquired a formidable reputation with players in the UK and Europe, with a presence in land-based clubs and pubs fuelling its widespread popularity.

Originally released by Barcrest, who were also responsible for the equally legendary Rainbow Riches, Reel King is now under the Novomatic banner, a company equally renowned for the popularity of its slot games, especially in land-based clubs.

The enduring appeal of Reel King is likely to lie with its simplicity and classic casino feel. It’s a pretty no-nonsense slot with five reels decorated with traditional K, Q, J, 10 and fruit symbols, a simple Wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol and twenty paylines.

The animation and sound also comes straight from the classic casino slot playbook, so if you particularly love the look and feel of Vegas slots, Reel King should make you feel right at home.

Aside from its Wild, the sole special feature that adds a little extra sizzle to Reel King slot’s basegame is the mini-reels feature it can randomly trigger on any spin. This event sees one or more instance of the Reel King himself pop up on any of the five reels, embracing a mini three-reel slot stacked with Lucky 7 symbols that starts auto-spinning up a guaranteed minimum of one bonus award, and will continue reeling in wins until no further winning combination is delivered.

It is this feature that can really score the ‘big wins’ from this online slot, although a headline jackpot of 10,000x your stake is possible in the basegame on the rare event that all visible symbols after a spin are the Jackpot symbol.

Showing its early heritage as a fruit machine, Reel King also offers players a Gamble option following a win, where a ‘skill-stop’ ladder lets you attempt to ramp up that award if you can stop the flashing ladder to light the next step up. Fail to do so and you exit with nothing, so you’ll need to have very, very rapid hand-to-eye co-ordination to make the best of this, and we rather suspect it’s programmed as a 50/50 gamble anyway.

Reel King is a difficult online slot for us to review in some ways since, whilst we recognise it’s still wildly popular with players, we’re not entirely sure why. For its time, Reel King was great, but developments in online slots over the years make it feel a bit old-hat in our opinion, and we believe there are lots of more interesting medium volatility slots out there to play.

Still, as mentioned above if your penchant is for old-skool Vegas-style slots, a session in the court of the Reel King could be just the ticket and, if he graces you with his favour, his bonus mini-reel feature can drop quite a king’s ransom in your pocket.

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Reel King Slot
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