Sweet Party Slot

Sweet Party Slot

Before we even clapped eyes on Playtech’s Sweet Party we had a sneaking suspicion that someone at that developer has been spending too much time getting a sugar-rush from the social gaming phenomenon that is Candy Crush Saga.

And whaddya know? Sweet Party certainly seems to have been somewhat ‘influenced’ by that craze for sweetie-matching entertainment, but is it truly scrumptious in its own right or just a sugar tax on your precious slot-playing time?

The spirit of Candy Crush looms large over the presentation of Sweet Party with the selection of sweetie symbols looking very familiar. There are gobstoppers, jellybeans, gummy bears and a stripy mint all contributing to the sense of Déjà vu here.

There are a total of six symbols in play here, and combinations of twenty-five are presented in a 5×5 grid contained in the virtual glass jar of a classic, coin-operated vending machine. There are no paylines to speak of here, so wins are built differently to a typical online slot – the rule here is five or more of a matching sweet need to be in contact with each other (diagonals excluded) to build a winning combination.

Where this happens, the win is paid, those sweets ‘pop’ and disappear and new sweets tumble into position as the existing selection tumble down into the gaps left. If that generates another win the process repeats and continues to do so until no new wins are triggered. If you’ve played Candy Crush itself, or the online slots Da Vinci Diamonds or Gonzo’s Quest you’ll know how this works and what fun it is.

For players looking for typical online slot bonus features like Wild symbols, Scatters, and ‘free spin’ rounds, forget it – Sweet Party has none of these. If that has you looking for the exit then hold your horses, since don’t judge this super-simple arcade game too quickly.

Its simplicity is actually rather compelling and did we forget to mention the rather tasty treat of a progressive jackpot this game contains? The stripy sweet is the sugar daddy at Sweet Party, with the biggest hit occurring when eight or more cluster into a winning combination in the jar. That pays out the progressive jackpot in proportion to your stake. The minimum £1 stake gifts you 10%, but if your sweet tooth can stand the maximum wager of £10, that will entitle you to savour all the progressive swag in the bag.

Sweet Party isn’t strictly an online slot, but it offers very similar thrills with the way matching combinations are the key to payouts and its potential for chain-reactions suggests it could provide the kind of buzz players love from Gonzo’s Quest’s Avalanche Reels.

Its incredible simplicity is either a strength or weakness depending on your taste for complexity, and those on the tightest budgets will probably baulk at its minimum stake.

Taking all that into consideration, Sweet Party has a curious charm to recommend it, and with a free play version available to try-before-you-buy we think players who like something a little different (or are addicted to Candy Crush, obviously) should do what comes naturally to sample this sweet treat – suck it and see!

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Sweet Party Slot
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